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The Night After Christmas

'Twas the night after Christmas, his duties were done.
Now Santa was looking to have him some fun.
His stockings were flung on the floor and the chair,
And over the mantle his used underwear.
Mrs. Claus was as nervous as a blushing school girl.
Watching as Santa's desire did unfurl.
"Oh take me, you big boy!" she started to shout.
And Santa responded by whipping it out.
Santa arose with a big booming clatter.
He was horny as hell, his dick growing fatter.
"Fuck Donner and Blitzen, the elves and the toys.
Show me what comes to very bad boys."
From the front and the back, he gave her a fuck,
And squeezed her big boobies to bring him good luck.
His face was all red. His heart threatened to stall,
As his pearly white semen splattered the wall.
"Oh Santa," she cried, with moans of delight.
"Boys need to be naughty, to have a good night."

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