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How Viagra Saved Christmas

Oh, man. I am just not in the mood to do this whole Santa schtick this year. I've been busting my ass 24-7, riding those frickin' elves to crank out the toys and it's still never enough. Everybody wants a piece of me. Everyone just takes, takes, takes, but what about my needs? Do you have any idea how long since I've gotten some tail? Oh, nevermind, I can't even get it up anyway, I'm so exhausted all the time. Mrs. Claus has lost all patience and I've been sleeping on the couch since June.

Well, here's the first stop on the Christmas Eve delivery route. I park the sleigh, and the elves help sort out the gifts. I always bring a trio of hot elvish babes to keep me awake on these all-night runs. Ginger, Cinnamon, and Pepper - I call them my Spice Girls - all with firm tushes and luscious breasts popping out of their elf suits. They're fun to look at, but tonight having them around is almost depressing, given my lack of libido.

Down the chimney and into the house, I stuff the stockings and pile a bunch of packages under the tree. I am really not into this. Maybe I'll feel better if I have some milk and cookies. They're not in the living room...maybe they're in the kitchen. Nope, nothing! Ungrateful sons of bitches. That does it - I'm turning that sled around and heading back to the North Pole. I don't need this shit.

Hmm, wait a minute...what's this pill bottle on the counter? Viagra! Well, since they didn't leave me any other goodies, I think I'll just help myself to some of this. Couldn't hurt, eh? I'll just pop one now and take a couple for later.

Well, I wanna see if this stuff works like they say it does. I sit down on the sofa and call Ginger over. "Sit on my lap, hon. I need a little warming up."

Oh lord, as soon as her sweet little fanny settles against me I feel a raging boner springing up. "Santa," she says, "Is that a reindeer antler in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"

She starts grinding her crotch on my woody, which is now at full attention and throbbing painfully. Mmm, yes, a little elf pussy is just what I need. She tosses off her clothes and I undo my pants, and she lowers herself onto my pole.

"Oh, Santa," she moans, "You're so much bigger than my elf boyfriend. Oh yes, fill me up." I suck on her cute little titties while she rides me to an explosive orgasm. God, I love elf cunt - they're all so tight.

Well, maybe tonight's not going to be so bad after all. I guess I can make a few more stops. We head off for the next place, but as soon as I get out of the sleigh, I found that I had another rock hard erection. This is a problem. With wood like that, I can't even fit down the chimney.

"Oh Pepper," I call, "Would you mind giving me a little relief here?" I whip it out and the cute little elf goes to work right there in the snow, giving me a first class blow job. I thought that hard on would last forever, but she skillfully polishes my knob until I finally bust my nut in her mouth. I zip up as she swallows the last of my load. "Thanks, sweetie," I say. "Now back to work."

We make it to the next destination, and I've got a "problem" again. My cock is so hard I can barely walk. Cinnamon is ready this time, after watching the other elves get some action. She bends over and presents her hot ass to me. I hike up her skirt and we pork right there by the Christmas tree. As I'm banging her from behind, she moans loudly and squeezes her tits, which turns me on even more. Finally, after ramming her for a good 15 minutes, I shoot my wad deep inside her while she fingers herself to climax.

Damn. Christmas Eve's half over and I've barely gotten started - with the toy deliveries, anyway. I gotta make up some lost time and finish my I can screw these elves some more. I can't wait to do all three of them at once. Maybe Ginger and Pepper will make out...I love watching that elf-on-elf action.

Wow, this turned out to be the best Christmas ever, thanks to Viagra! Sometimes having a "hard" night isn't so bad after all.

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