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"Damn kids. I'm so tired of dealing with them. 10 years of this, I'm absolutely fed up," Santa grumbled as he stuffed a pillow into his Santa suit.

"Yeah. I've only been an elf this season, it sounded like a great way to make spending money for college, but it's really starting to get on my nerves," Francine replied, as she adjusted her green tights and slipped on her elfen shoes.

"Well, we've got 10 minutes left before we have to go out there. 10 minutes of peace left."

"'d better spend that time calming down, I'm afraid it's not only your belly that's bulging."

Santa looked down and blushed deeper than the rosy red rouge on his cheeks. He'd been so busy admiring Francine's long, sexy legs that he'd forgotten to close the fly on  his Santa suit. And didn't notice how rock hard she'd made him.

"It's nice," Francine said, as she walked forwards Santa, who was  fumbling with the buttons.

She reached forward and pushed his hands away. When she felt his hardness, she gasped. It'd been so long since she'd been with her college boyfriend. Lying in her bed at home with her hairbrush just couldn't satisfy her cravings.

"Let me see if I can help calm you down," she said, and released his cock from his boxer shorts.

She pushed Santa against the locker and dropped to her knees. She took his cock into her hand and kissed the length of it, swirling her tongue against the most sensitive spots. The heat and hardness made her crazy. As she took it fully into her mouth, he moaned.

With that moan she took him deeper into her mouth until the whole length of his shaft was enclosed within her lips. Slipping her left hand under her tights, she felt her own wetness. She put one finger inside of herself, then two, plunging them in and out in rhythm with his moans.

"I'm about to...." he yelped nervously, and within seconds, he pumped heat into her mouth. That sent her over the edge, and her wetness quivered with satisfaction.

Santa, panting heavily, collapsed onto the floor. Francine got up, wiped her mouth on her hat, and straightened her tights.

"Thanks for the milk and cookies," she offered as she walked away.


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