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Swinging Santa

My friend Al wanted me to play Santa for the adults at this swingers party in a clubhouse. I'm not married or anything and I'm not crazy about having swingers sit on my lap so I told him to forget it. He said I was Scrooge. Anyway, Al never found anyone and, when the Big Night rolled around, he begged me to play Santa. "For a C Note," I told him and he forked it over.

Anyway, I played Santa. It wasn't so bad. I had to sit on this hokey brass chair called "Santa's Throne" and Al told me it was solid gold. As if. And I had to hand out tequila candy canes and adult surprise gifts like dildos, rabbit vibrators, and sex gels. There was this blonde lady named Sandy dressed in green tights who played my elf. She was a dead ringer for Pamela Sue Anderson, I kid you not. She wore this hot green mini skirt and had on a little green elf cap. The whole time the members are crushing my lap telling me how much sex they want I'm staring at my elf's rock hard ass and her big juicy red lips. Every time she saw me looking, she either licked her lips or bent down and flashed me her green thong. I think she was doing that just because she knew I didn't want to play Santa and wanted to give me a cheap thrill for my effort.

"I want a Christmas Barbie," said this one lady sitting on my lap with melons for tits.

"Me too," I told her.

"But you're Santa," she said, "Santa can have anything he wants." She reached down and grabbed my crotch through my Santa suit. "My," she said,

"Santa's caught a Christmas chubby."

You know, Ms. Melon Breasts gave me some good advice. I'm really shy by nature but I decided to be more outgoing that night. After all the members caught their jollies and left, I sauntered over to the punch bowl and offered Sandy a cup of rum-laced punch. Her blonde hair was glowing under the clubhouse's fluorescent lights and "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was playing on the stereo. Sandy took the punch and asked, "Do you think it's unnatural for an elf to want her Santa?" "Oh, no," I replied, "I think it's the most natural thing this side of Santa's Village." I handed her a surprise gift and she opened it right away--it was a vibrator shaped like a cock and she immediately licked it and said, "Yummy."

I told my friend Al to leave because I'd help Sandy clean up. He caught my drift and took off. Next thing I know, Sandy's on her knees with her big elf lips licking and sucking my North Pole. "Has Santa been a good boy this year?" she asked between licks. "Oh, yes," I said, "an extra special good boy."

Sandy made me sit back down on Santa's Throne. "Want me to lose the beard?" I asked. "Change nothing," she said. She still had on her elf cap when she kicked out of her green thong, pulled up her skirt, and straddled me. She stuffed my Christmas sausage in her hot wet pussy and I started tonguing her neck like a wildman. I had my hands on her hips as she slammed her killer bod against mine and we got this crazy Santa-elf rhythm going until we were both moaning to beat the band. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," started playing over the speakers. "Oh, Santa," Sandy wailed, "oh, god, Santa." I shot a bucket of holiday cream into my elf's pussy just as she orgasmed.

"Promise to play Santa next year?" Sandy giggled.

"I promise," I said, "I really promise."